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Neocon  this year had much to offer for the business environment purveyor and interior designer. A number of well known seasoned designers are still very active and the word classic elegance is not a foreign term here. As an example, we can refer to the company Bernhardt Design that introduced the new CP Lounge Collection (above) designed by the icon Charles Pollock (below).

His past designs included several “Classics”  for Knoll International, as well as in it’s day the very advanced, Penelope Chair for the no longer existing Castelli Company from Italy.Another firm OSI despite earlier business setbacks is still selling the famous 40/4 Stacking Chair designed decades ago by David Rowland. More 40/4 Stacking Chairs have been sold than any other stacking chair in the world. A nice photo (above) shows the chair being used in the Westminster Abbey in London (courtesy Howe Corp.). The newer companies like Sedia Systems showed innovative product and the German company Viasit GmbH received a silver award for their new superb office seating line which was shown by their North American partner the Bouty Company from Montreal, Canada.

The annual Chicago Blues Festival usually takes place in early June and a well kept secret is the city also hosts what is called the Jazz Record Mart  a real music lovers paradise. It is billed as the largest Jazz and Blues record shop in the world and it probably is. Records in all known sizes 78’s, 33’s as well as CD’s, DVD’s and books on Jazz and Blues. If you love that music like I do you will find what you are looking for. Any questions? just talk to either David or Todd, you will be glad you did.

The Jazz Record Mart also publishes a superb little publication announcing their latest label releases and we have posted a few pages (above). What a find this place is! Located on East Illinois St. and Wabash Street, just a block off of Michigan Avenue, the glorious Golden Shopping Mile. This vibrant city will never seize to amaze you!

On the way back home, I stopped at my favorite book shop. I found this appropriate book to share with you called Sigmund Freud’s Home and Offices Vienna 1938. Freud’s offices and family apartments were located at BERGGASSE 19.  It discusses the interiors of another icon “Ziggy” who lived in Vienna, Austria until 1938. The “business and personal environment” photos were done by Edmund Engelman using daylight illumination only in 1938. There is a wonderful introduction by Peter Gay. This large size book was published in 1976. It is not very well known in designer circles today. Writing this post and mesmerizing myself over some of the pictures within its covers, I am throwing in another bit of wisdom from a book on my own shelf! Life is not all about furniture, is it?