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Fast and Furious, or is it furious we are not! Who cares if The Dictator spoke! It certainly does not look like the nation’s bleeders, the Rinos (Republicans in name only) and the Dinos (Democrats in name only) in Congress care about the law, morals, ethics, standards, values..what more can I say? The Rino presidential contender silently slithers by the issues, caught between the rock (the pork belly Congress) and a hard place (the military/industrial complex). Wrong move Mitt Romney, move over and listen to Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Trevor Loudon, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and a few other good meaning souls. Your sweet advisers are selling you down the drain. Hey Uncle, did those weapons go to Mexico and then to Libya or Syria, Africa? or straight to Hamas?  I actually do not like to comment on politics but was spirited by the illustration above.