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So here it is Saturday morning, I am looking at the Robin in the bird bath! Camera please! This is a great shot. Wait! Maybe next time!

I noticed that this particular brand of cereal (shown above) made its way into the house. Ready to chew my shredded wheat, I read the facts on the backside of the box, and knew that my take on sculpture just had to wait for another post. Here is a private manufacturer promoting culture by printing the historical facts on their box. Unlike governments that seem to only print money. Do you realize that all these facts have to do with this great nation’s Democracy! No, I am not paid by Price-Rite, get it straight. If it were up to the United Nations there would probably be no shredded wheat at all, no great nation and no democracy and probably just shredded documents!

Apparently Big Government has not taken over all sectors of American Life. I am sure someone could use an executive order to accomplish this though. Or, perhaps in our State Department, someone could find a way to siphon-off more taxpayers’ money to give a loan to a foreign shredded wheat manufacturer to print their culture on their box. Let’s call it foreign r-aide. I am sure the emerging economies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, and the newly developed African “democracies” with their mini-dictators in place would welcome this hand-out from the USA “third world” Congress. Economic professors, newly weds, and star PhD’s need not apply for this great job stimulus program. This stimulus will be great for all those who are not going to be re-elected. Now, have a great weekend everyone!