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I recently picked up a mimeographed and typed cookbook The Cooking of Southern Italy Alla Casalinga written by an Italian American, Mr. Vincent Stile (cover of the booklet shown above) probably dating back to the late 60’s or 70’s. No publisher is mentioned. It is probably a self-published piece. The booklet is dedicated to his family. In a fine opinionated style, Stile set some of the misconceptions that non-Italians have about Italian food straight. Here are some excerpts. Here are a few “enjoyables” for the lighter side of reading.

Perhaps these recipes will add some spice to your life during a weekend cookout. After all, no more tools than the basic skillets and pans are required. So apparently you could enjoy the preparations even in an RV.!

I am sure Mr. Stile will not mind me giving some of his secrets away!