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“A Fox Went Out in a Hungry Plight……..and he begged of the moon to give him light”. This is a first page quote from a book written by author Ladislas Farago in 1971. The title of that book to be precise is: The Game of the Foxes.


work2Sometimes you wonder how it all started and here we will provide a clue. The above magazine title “Working papers for a New Society” was a very radical leftist quarterly magazine. It contained articles and espoused ideas, strategies and plans as a forerunner for the current revolutionary blueprint and political stance used by the current Democrat Administration. The editorial board of the magazine, all came from the same radical 1960’s and 70’s nests, MIT, Harvard, Boston University to name a few. Just think about the current “minority Cherokee Nation imposter” Mrs. Elisabeth Warren running for Congress in Massachusetts. She was recently endorsed by another imposter Obama, the bully of the border state and current Hamas infiltrated battleground ARIZONA. Publishing of the magazine started in 1973 and the masthead includes some of the greater radical left-wingers of its time. Published in Cambridge, Massachusetts (where else?) by the Cambridge Policy Studies Institute.

work3There is actually no need to read all of the issues. Suffice to read some of the covers to get the idea. Run by political operatives and kookie professors who taught at some of the most radical varsity Universities in the nation at the time.

work4work5Actually the “Mother of all foxes” the current media darling and prophetess of the Obama administration when they are in doubt and lingering for more mother’s milk, the old demi-goddess Francis Fox Piven did not join the advisory board of the quarterly until Vol.1 number 4 the winter issue, when she knew that things were safe enough to express her opinion and the magazine would continue to publish.

The editorial board consisted of perhaps now forgotten names. Of course there was a serious overtone to the magazine, after all most of the leftists crap came from economics, behavioral science and sociology professors.

work7work8This period in education, and proposed opinion molding at the time, is an heritage that these modern-day educational factories would rather forget (yes there is money in Education! It never goes bankrupt! Prices always go up! ). There was no sanctuary for any sacred cows with these agit prop professors, who were holding out from the days of the Socialist Labor Party and the I.W.W., even if they never belonged to any of these parties.The rhetoric used, the points discussed, the solutions provided in some of the articles published would be too far left for even a European style communist rag in the 1970’s.In the advertising page above the great “Jencks” (Editorial Board) is listed as author of Inequality.

China was idolized in several articles. The climate and land reform topics and ideas were forerunners for the comprehensive United Nations Agenda 21 proposals, by the fascist leaning United Nations One World Government. These plans will in due course abolish all sovereign borders. The sovereign border protection issue that in effect has been taken over by a federal government is a trial balloon under the Agenda 21 plans. It is not about keeping Mexicans out.

Community organizing was hailed as a preferred economic profession! In an earlier post we wrote about the start and development of ACORN in Arkansas as told in the magazine. Arkansas was home of Uncle Bill and Hillary “the Queen”, not that they had anything to do with it. Did they?

We have 10 years worth of bound issues for this magazine, bought recently a few miles from Cambridge, Massachusetts. You still wonder why we are in trouble? One article talks about the takeover strategy to be used in reforming the Democratic Party and you wonder if these pundits did the same with the Republic Party.

Apparently the only Real Man left is the Congressman Issa who calls for HELP and knows how to call a spade a spade. Do you think the New Manchurian candidate, Mitt Romney will go the way of McCain? All I can tell you is that this rare magazine most likely is not found in the libraries of Glen Beck, Trevor Loudon or High priest Limbaugh. It should be on the shelf in every Public Library so constituents can see and read for themselves what  “American Communism” will do to this country.

workamcommunistworkamcommunistforewordAnd yes a copy of The Roots of American Communism by Theodore Draper (shown above) of this old favorite handbook (497 pages) should be there also. Once you have made your way through all of those 497 pages then do not forget to read this little pocketbook, Marx and the Marxists by Sidney Hook (shown below) and you will soon recognize who belonged where and to what creed! After the recent decision by the Supreme Court with respect to Arizona you will see those famous fast and furious weapons (AK47’s) come back across the border in the hands of those cartel thugs, the storm troopers for the American Hamas followers. (Declared No longer a Terrorist organization!)

work marxbookworkmarxbookrearcoverStick with us we will be back to our regular healthy topics soon and please do remember that the opinions expressed are solely those of the writer of this article and are meant for educational purposes only.