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img542Every so often it happens. Reading a book or looking at a picture in that book, reminds you of something you have yourself: a photograph, another book, an object, etc.

In 2006, the Italian publisher Marsilio Editori Spa together with the Scuola del Vetro Abate Zanetti (Glass makers school Abate Zanetti) made a book titled La Memoria del Vetro, Murano e L’Arte Vetraria nelle Storia dei suoi Maestri (Murano and the glass art stories as told by their makers). A superb book about the Master Glass Makers from this cradle of Glass culture as told through interviews with their living masters. The book has 188 pages in Italian and numerous black and white historical photographs. Written by two journalists Andrea Tosi and Antonella de Palma. Tosi actually worked at the school on the Murano Island in the Venice Bay.

Too bad the stories told by the various master glass blowers, mentioned in the book, are not translated into the English language. I am sure that many more readers would enjoy this invaluable text and the “behind the scenes in-depth” look at the art of glassblowing, especially today when a whole generation knows very little about glass made in Italy and yes some of what is called art glass from Italy actually are imports from China or made in Eastern European countries.

For those that master the Italian language, I have posted the index to the book here.

Lo and behold the person supplying some of the photographs for the book was Flavio Fuga, whom I met several years back, a member of the prestigious Fuga family of glass makers.

What  really caught my eye while re-reading the book, was not the photo on the cover, that shows the personnel of the famous S.A.I.E.R. Ferro-Toso Glass Making Company in the 1920’s, but a photo of the glass blower “Maestro” (An official title) Ennio Compagno nicknamed “Orfeo”.That same person in the book is the glass blower in the picture below from my own archive. I did not know who these people were in the picture before!How is that for a coincidence! Now who are the other two people in the above picture? Does anyone of my readers know? Please email me at twicemodern@aol.com if you do. Thank you!

Here is a short biography for this great master glass maker taken from the book.