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Here is the background: It is 1939, Europe is about to be at war and Nellie L. Brown wrote her book (shown above) Recipes from Old Hundred , 200 Years of New England Cooking. It is about the recipes she was using in her restaurant, the One Hundred Restaurant, located in the town of Southbury, Connecticut in New England, the region known for its down to earth cooking. Some of these recipes could have been somebody’s Grandmas, so eloquently and simply described. That is exactly what I like about this hardcover book in this fresh dust jacket without vanilla stains or grease!

The book actually invites even the worst left handed cooks among us to try and surprise guests in this age of slow cooking, nouveau thai or sea side Breton fish menus costing zillions of $$ to make. Here is that olde fashioned cooking that most of us did not grow up with. Yes, lots of healthy home style cooking tips and here are some of them.

Before I forget, the book was designed by book designer Stefan Salter, brother of the other book designer George Salter, and published in this first edition (1939) by Gramercy Books, a division of Crown Publishers. My guess, it is an uncommon find in this fine shape!