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In the age of jaded morals and much speaking about morality, corporate plight, abused resources, poorly run, corrupt governments run by incompetent leaders, we are back to one overriding matter that is paramount to everyone’s agenda: Health.

No, not healthcare programs provided by infiltrated governments. Through their proposed or “free” coverage, they milk the data gathered about our private lives. Data, such as, electronic patient files are often inadequately protected and used to assist the “pharmaceutical corporations” in proceeding with their various and sometimes not so secret agendas. In this case, the making of vaccines and medicines at enormous risks to the “resident common occupier of this earth”  who is exposed, but not privy in advance to the potentially disastrous results.

After all, some of us “resident occupiers” are destined to be only “guinea pigs” in life, without recourse in the quest for ever greater corporate profits.

The “moral safe place” is where the skin in the game $hareholders, from big to $mall, can sleep easy at night behind the often used tranquilizingbut I did not knowsyndrome. Their wealth building investment programs are protected by the corrupt managerial war mongering class or by the annointed incompetent government appointed regulators. Instead of regulating for the “Common Good”, they are equally skilled at protecting their secret investments and their shady seedy political backers. For example, the United States CONGRESS loitering with key players like Pelosi, Harry Reid, Boehner, and the corrupt or purposely ignorant do nothing others on the left and right side of the isle. You can read about their various schemes and rhetoric in the real press.

But enough of this lengthy diatribe, there is HOPE!

No, not for the US Congress today that elected an army of racketeers and profiteers, who cannot even pass a budget for the common good and thus do no longer act in the citizens interest but who have now parlayed their law making abilities into the hands of special interest groups and financially well to do minorities.

If you have small kids no matter where you live on this planet, you owe it to yourself because of the wide reach of global pharmaceutical interests, to watch this interview, to keep an open mind! You will be glad you did! 

Every single one person can effect a large or small change! Through a good deed, a vote, a well placed word, from the bottom up. Yes you can! There are countless examples in history to prove this!

Here is a YouTube video of an interview with Leslie Manookian, producer of the movie documentary THE GREATER GOOD.