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As promised, in our earlier post on the “Working Papers for a New Society“, here is the ACORN article from the Summer, 1975 Vol. III number 2 issue of this magazine, written by Andrew Kopkind.

Disclaimer: Of course Bill and Hillary were not now, never, ever involved with this political strategy and strategists but the warning bells go off reading about the goals on the last page (shown below).

You will be able to read for yourself where the left skin in the game leads to, from a “modest goal” all the way to the White House!  Perhaps a lot of the problems now facing Arkansas have their origin in these wild old times of political power organizing. A ” get involved strategy” now finally rolled out by the Tea Party, much to the chagrin of the GOP big business that wants business as usual. The “soundest” (and in my opinion losing advice) advice they can get from their highly paid Academic think tank advisers is to wait until September!

Interesting, is also the advertisement for books written by Irving Horowitz on the same page. Yes, the same Horowitz who later on in life switched sides and turned into a very, very conservative thinker who confessed his “mistakes” and became the champion of the other side“.

In a future post in this category will be about the legal shakedown of the Chicago Banks, written by none other than author Ron Dorfsman in his article “Green Lining Chicago”. Dorfsman is widely acknowledged as one of the mentors of the current White House occupant.