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gentlemansviewpointThe Walhalla of respectable American politics has a new hero accepted in its midst. After a successful career in shady politics to the detriment of the ignorant American Public selling snake oil for medicine in the Dodd Frank Act.

Mr. Beau Brummel (Barney Frank) finally achieved his renegade intellectual goal. Risen from the ranks of mediocre New Jersey politicians many moons ago, that putrefied pit of gangsterism and bulling unionism that it once was, it produced this pudgy Jewish pseudo-intellect. He believed his coveted “otherness” would lead him to acceptance from the Democratic grabbers of the riches concealed in the public trough and approval from those progressive planners who held onto the Leninist vision of state corporatism embodied in the totalitarian states of the 1930’s and 40’s. NO, it was obviously not approval or acceptance from those creators of traditional wealth, the entrepreneurs that put their own capital at risk.

This lusty little bureaucrat, always eager to, under the guise of his perceived need for public acceptance of his “otherness“, bully his fellow Congressmen and the public at large into buying a predetermined “visionary” globalist agenda that they were not ready for. This was akin to a doctor prescribing medicine to a presumed patient who did not know or would not accept that he was considered ill. By skillfully, climbing into bed with Federal Fannie and Federal Freddie, he used his formidable progressive agendas to whip his weaker fellow Congressmen into submission in this perverted, pseudo-political-sado-masochistic game, where one can claim a public victory by continuously sitting on top or equally claim victory by lying on the bottom without the Freudian guilt.

He finally succumbed to the ultimate political gender role playing. Not content to survive his perceived “otherness” often equated to superiority in the loneliness of the deep Massachusetts woods or at the coastline with its refreshing breezes, where he could be left basking in the token appreciation from his Cinderella crowd. You, Mr. Beau Brummel, needed one more victory-at-large to prove your moral superiority and hide your misplaced sense of innocence. Like a fearsome patient buying an insurance policy or a would be dictator creating a protective shield against future political skeletons coming out of his deep closet.

You have proven to the wider world that you were not  just a true revolutionary by your past actions, but nothing more than the ordinary Bourgeois citizen you hated so much in the closet of your heart. You, Mr. Beau Brummel, accepted that Bourgeois status so proudly sought after: Marriage.

Ordinarily this paper award is legally described as a lawful bond between a man and a woman. Now it has been finally bestowed upon a mediocre man in his seventies marrying his beau, thirty years younger. It made you transcend from your self-chosen greatness through a perceived “otherness” into an ordinary married citizen. Well done Barney Frank. God Bless!

Rest assured, your place in that once great Circus, the American Walhalla, is safe. Alas, it is not quite at the perceived noble level of one of that “greatest living American statesman“, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for Peace solely based on a different kind of perceived “otherness”. He, like you, has succeeded in putting forth the progressive socialist agenda and in doing so pitting the American citizen against one another along the modern fault lines of race, religion, sex and wealth. He like you helped in creating a void at the moral gate.

Thank you for giving your constituents the greatest gift of all. The satisfaction of seeing you finally retire from your many progressive political schemes! Lenin would really be proud of you, Comrade Beau Brummel.