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An interesting perspective on current politics can be had if you read lectures and publications published many years ago, in my opinion. These publications are not easy to find. They are usually hidden away, if you are lucky, in the musty corners of obscure bookshops, attics and basements. Unless of course, you are lucky enough to be near a major library of any consequence that still has stacks of preserved papers, instead of the meager microfiche file often unreadable. Yes, it is easy to digitize and falsify these “old papers” in the name of progress! This is regularly done in some parts of the world believe it or not!

A few posts ago, we showed some articles in the “blueprint for a new society” called “Working Papers For a New Society” where the great self proclaimed “leaders, inventors and crooked minds” spewed their inconsistent philosophy. Much of what we could label as “socialism” now, has an entirely different background. In our recent post about H. L. Mencken, an author who had strong views to say the least, we alluded to Ayn Rand. Yes, Ayn Rand, the writer and sixties philosopher is ever so popular today with the pseudo-religiously oriented individuals and with those who actually espouse and continue her philosophical views. The well known manipulating economist Alan Greenspan was so influenced by Ayn Rand’s philosophies and teachings in his youth he participated by writing in the newsletter she published, “The Objectivist Newsletter”.

Not believing most of the manipulating philosophical crap carted out by him and his economic followers nor the espoused over-rated view points by Professors like Mr. Douglas Den Uyl in his review of the great philosophy of Ayn Rand.

den uyl coverden uyl rear coverI do believe that Ayn Rand had an interesting point of view at times, and therefore find it important to post the article below in its entirety even though it would be enough to perhaps only read the last page where the warnings are loud and clear and the parallel to current national politics promoted by the radical new fascist (ex-socialists) left within the Democrat party (The new nationalist party under Fuhrer Obama) with the help of the conniving Republicans are very clear.





Do the arguments raised in this article published forty somewhat years ago hold their relevance today? I really do think so!! The ALARM BELLS are ringing. Can you hear them???