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In these difficult economic times, one does occasionally come across interesting reading material such as the above 1993 reprint of a 1987 publication now titled America’s Unknown Enemy: Beyond Conspiracy, an Economic Education Bulletin published by the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

The Institute (call it a THINK TANK ?) was founded as a non-profit organization in 1933 by Colonel E. C. Harwood on the advise of Dr. Vannevar Bush (and perhaps with the help of) and at first located on Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) premises. Dr. Vannevar Bush apparently not related to the Bush Family of the ex-Presidents, was also a full time Professor at MIT and well connecting to the Power Elite of those times as chairman of the Carnegie Institute from 1935-1955 and at one time Chairman of the board of Merck Pharmaceuticals and a founder of the Raytheon Company, well known for its ties to the US Military-Industrial and Intelligence Complex. The (AIER) Institute has a wholly owned investment advisory company according to this 1993 publication and is connected, at present, to Swiss banking Institutions and business councils through their Swiss partner the Progress Foundation headquartered in Switzerland and headed up by Dr. Marcel Studer founder and head of TREUCO, a “business/legal investment/advisary company”. Interestingly, the email contact for the Progress Foundation does not go to them directly but to Progress@treuco.ch. So much for transparency there.

Which of these types of institutions has had a helping hand in advising the Candidates for the Presidency? Who helped Jon Corzine disperse billions? Out of 400 plus Congressmen, how many have Swiss Bank accounts? Not all to difficult for
Congress to be transparent, I imagine. Unless, they are helped in cloaking by these venerable institutions like the Rand Corporation, Liberty Fund, Heritage Foundation, AIER and so many others that would like to sell us either their ethical or non-ethical skills at throwing sand into the larger public eye.

One of the members of the board of directors of Progress sits also on the board of the Swiss National Bank according to their own website. Who directs what policy where?

De-classified Intelligence Reports reveal “Swiss Banks, particularly the Swiss National Bank accepted gold looted from the National treasuries of Nazi Occupied countries and from dead Jews alike, gold they either bought outright or laundered for the Nazis before sending it on to other neutral countries” (Adam LeBor  in the book Hitler’s Secret Bankers and also author Jim Marrs, page 115, The Rise of the Fourth Reich). Other fascinating chapters on the intertwining of business and banks can be found with reference to the above specific period in the various books written on the life of Dr. Hermann Josef Abs, Ex-Chairman of Deutsche Bank who was also a Director of I. G. Farben, Daimler-Benz and Siemens and a multitude of other corporations. Who knows how many books we will be reading in the next few years about the machinations of American politics, U. S. Corporations and Swiss Banks?

Now, we all know about Swiss Banking Secrecy with perhaps still millions of Jewish dollars, pounds and God knows what else is still sitting in those banks as WWII loot! Let us not forget those dictator third world accounts. And of course, we know about the crafty Swiss banking business skills in hiding the assets of the WWII criminal business empire, the I G Farben organization cleverly protected by economic US interests of the highest banking and political conservative order. Enough books have been written on that subject matter, such as, Adam Le Bor’s book Hitler’s Secret Bankers: the Myth of Swiss Neutrality During the Holocaust.  So you would think the AIER institute, with undoubtedly some modern day Intelligence connections, would be careful about publishing a book with the word “conspiracy” in the title,

but once you continue to read their list of publications especially those by the Behavioral Research Council Division you can safely presume, in my opinion, that the master crafters of mind bending deception have been again at work. Never the less, we post an interesting article here on Global warming which provides some useful insight. The rest of the issue makes for interesting rebuffing of various conspiracies, the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists and others! YES 1993 not 2012!

Note : Most wars are planned by and aided by behavioral scientists, better known as psychologists  and  psychiatrists! A good example of this is the orchestrated mass media campaign on the Serbian side to instigate mass hysteria and nationalism during the Bosnian Wars in the 90’s.( see the Italian book Il sentiero dei Tulipani)