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gentlemansviewpointHere are some facts to ponder.

In 1939 Europe was about to be set on fire and in Flushing, New York something was built that would consume as much electrical power as the town of Rochester, New York. The finished buildings were the equivalent of building a town with 800,000 people on a non-inhabited site. These three hundred buildings on the site cost 50 million dollars and when everything was razed after the fair the City of Flushing would end up with a park, Flushing Meadow Park. The paved area on the site was the equivalent of a two lane highway stretching from South Bend, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois.

The fair employed 32,000 people permanently and 150,000 jobs were created during the construction period. Seventy mural painters and sculptors were commissioned to do 207 paintings and sculptures on the fair’s buildings. The fastest way from Manhattan to the fairgrounds was by speedboat at the cost of 2 dollars! Thirty million hamburgers and hotdogs were consumed during the fair’s period and there were enough restaurants to accommodate 250,000 people at one time and the attendance in the first month after opening surpassed  five million visitors. An expected 0ne billion dollars in 1939 money was to be put in circulation at that time, according to period government figures.

Staggering? Until you start to think about some recently proclaimed bank trading losses of 2 or 4 or 6 billion dollars or who knows? Add this to the lost billion dollars of Jon Corzine’s ventures that nobody wants to find and someone or some party has created a nice little slush fund to steer the United Nations/U.S. secret agenda the way they want. Under Rome’s Emperor Caligula some heads would have rolled!

In the mean time, at the fairgrounds in the glass center a machine drew a piece of glass the size of a marble into a thread a hundred miles long (could this be holding together civilization?). It was cobweb thick and went into making yarn for glass cloth. (glass fiber)

In my opinion, the rarest piece of ephemera from this fair is the one shown below.

On a political note, consider this: During the Roman times, mankind needed to be entertained from time to time either by going to war or by living a virtual life. By looking at others perform their heroic feats, like a mini-gladiator, with gatorade in hand (minus the sword), it didn’t matter if the events took place on a (deserted) island or a once very civilized place that gave us the Magna Charta. One island holds title to the oldest surviving fair in the world, the Nottingham fair in England. Not to be confused with that global circus called the Olympics that has nearly always been run by ex-fascist corrupt men and their political cronies until Mitt Romney presumably cleaned it up once!!!

At a time when governments worldwide are looking for a way not to print more money, they are sucking it out of the global citizens’ pockets to make up for their empty coffers. Mentioned below are some other interesting facts.

Never mind General Electric and the military industrial complex spending money!

German Industry and finance: Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Bayer, BASF and others like big pharma Merck, Boehringer, Fresenius (including all the ones that are known to have helped finance WWII) are heavily investing their money in the campaigns of U.S. candidates for the Presidency. Sorry, if you did not find this information reported in your Monday Morning Moron Press, but if you take the time to go here Die Zeit and Reuters and read German or translate it with Mr.Google’s help you can judge and read for yourself.