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In an earlier post with the link here, we discussed a record album cover done by Josef Albers the Bauhaus master who taught in the United States. The cover (shown above) with its modernist abstract design in two colors is not by him but by Barbara Jean Brown, an artist I know absolutely nothing about. The record date is 1959 and could have been by the painter Josef Albers, perhaps she was a student of his. The masterly and simplistic black and white cover (shown below) is by Josef Albers and dates from 1960. The graphic image almost looks like sets of drums viewed from above!

Interesting is the attention paid by Command records and the producer Enoch Light to the use of percussion instruments in music and these records go a long way explaining them through the use of various songs for the non trained ear. Try that in music today. Unfortunately, covers are not so easy to photograph and they are too large to scan.