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Too bad that a once great British soccer team will have to go down in history in this pathetic way.

Having spent their own or perhaps others’ cash and worn out their over-payed players, they have now resorted to the most despicable tactic of all: Accepting Yankee Bail Out Cash taken from the American taxpayers and partially used by General Motors dirty finance goons to finance an advertising deal worth a reputed 600 million US dollars!

They have thus earned the scorn of honest decent Americans who only should now resort to a total GM boycott. These GM corporate goons used bail out money, not yet paid back in full, just to get their disgraced GM LOGO on a Manchester United shirt! Manchester fans can expect doom and scorn from decent Yankees. Surely, the Manchester United team will fail in most matches. Amen.

Americans had better find out where they can get those GM cars repaired in the future, because any company that spends their cash in this stupid fashion will not last through this great period of world decline.

You pathetic auto union boys! You can transfer the wealth, but when your pensions come due, that are over invested in failing European economies by the same corporate goons, you folks will learn the hard way. You will end up with nothing. And, those “dumb” Yankees will not bail you out again, you fools!

Nevertheless, the Obama re-election slush funds will surely get their pay back money out of this crazy scheme. Have you been to Detroit lately, you Manchesterites? Do not take my word, but have a look for yourselves. Go to You tube and watch some movies about Detroit, your city might end up the same way if you get involved with these disreputable schemers and “smoke and mirror” finance men.

Just my opinion boys… bad… bad …luck..you… suckers.