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Very recently we overheard a conversation between two New Yorkers that more or less went like this:

Columnist Maureen Dowd’s anguished and vile comments are bearing fruit! What do you mean asked the other party? Well you know the New York Times is in deep trouble. It is losing more than a few real bucks so old world Neo Fascism loving  Arthur Sulzberger “Sulz” has thought up a new trick. O yeah what is it?

Well, you see you bring in one of those strutting young evil Colonizers from our Allies, the British Commies to help sink the ship, slap the American ideal of real bi-partisan or objective Journalism in the face. It has just about gone by the wayside anyway. You know you ignoramus, it is time for the NEW WORLD ORDER. This way you can kill off any inspiration about good ole’ U.S.A. business leadership that one time flourished in the US, but it is done by a foreigner and not by a fellow Jew (like the typical racist blame game used in the last century), blame him later after paying the sucker big bucks from shareholder money and with people hating comments like those made by Maureen, you can be sure to tick off your trusted democrat voting ignorant Jewish readership, or laugh in the faces of those New Yorkers who got sick and tired of Nani state leader Bloomie who is anxiously awaiting to help seal the secret government deal.

I don’t get it. What do you mean you do not get it? The other party sputtered rather flushed.

Is there no qualified “CEO leadership” in the US anymore? Maybe fascist leaning ‘Sulz’ should have called Bain Capital for a referral. O you fool, Sulz and Bloomie (the bag man) are pouring the New York Times down the drain so they can get a Government Bail OUT, that needs more press to do their dirty work. They will relocate the old workers to a nearby FEMA camp to write and print if necessary. After all the whole deal will come from taxpayers money, so who cares? How much? Less than a billion of course may be 500 million or so in any event less then Solyndra money.

The Unions will be the new shareholders trading in their dwindling pensions for new opportunities and former community organizers will be called column writers.They can then rent out the remaining Real Estate to the United Nations for their World Order Press Information Services.

But who will be the “new leader”? Well Bloomie of course he knows how to run a business and if all fails he can ask Joe Biden to tell the readers he will put them all in “chains”.