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Who has ever heard of these places tucked away in flat lands, hills or sitting along the forlorn bends of tired rivers spewing their coveted resources downstream to where those “real folks” live?

Who would want to visit a place like Angel’s Camp in California, Boone in North Carolina, Dubuque, Iowa or Arcola, Illinois and Arcadia in Nebraska or Independence Rock, Wyoming?

Who would tell you on real paper in a hardbound copy how those other Real folk lived? Like neighbors the next state over perhaps, in what one used to hear be called Middle Class America. Those same folks in their own odd ways, sometimes, gave us those impressions that left a mark and would make you think twice about life on your daily busy slate, supplying you with a glance of what made this country great and diverse. Yes, looking for just one word, I would call it EXCEPTIONAL in large and small ways, but always melting and mellowing, yearning to know more about this land so simply described in a very old song by Trini Lopez: “This land is your land, this land is my land.”

Well, Charles Kuralt (1934-1997) did in his dry witted easy going way in the 224 page, 1979 book Dateline America by Charles Kuralt with photographs by Mark Chester, shown above. He gave us what you would call the “lay of the land”. Perhaps a late “Thank you Mr. Kuralt” would be appropriate here. Author, exceptional journalist for CBS, yes that CBS when it was a real place for Journalists, not one of those hokey-pokey twittered or “faceless” facebook duds that pretend to tell you what is really going on in the world…….the place next door where on the radio you can hear your Vice Prez Bite Me call his opponents squeamish pigs whom surely he would like to put back in chains.

Kuralt was a PATRIOT for sure, traveling the land to give you real stories that did not focus on the shallow, first person (I or me). He successfully showed, no matter where you live, you are connected from coast to coast ! Connected yes, but never to the Capitol where the politicians of 2012 use their Machiavellian games to divide their often sullen brow-beaten constituents into wolf packs of voters, separated by social issues pushed by their hired faceless twitter class of journalists who barely travel to their local Starbucks, pigeon-holed by religion, sorted by race or creed and threaten that if you do not agree with their unhealthy point of view they’ll gladly put you back in chains. They hope that you have never heard of Charles Kuralt or visited any of those American places where real people live!

You all have a great day!