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Just read from the “Journal of Antiques and Collectables” August 2011 Issue on page 53 (under the Column Museum Highlights) an important article about a major Wildenhain Ceramic Exhibit in Rochester, New York.

Franz Wildenhain, a well known name among mid-century modern ceramic lovers, was born in Germany and fled to Holland in 1933 with his wife the German-Jewish potter Marguerite Friedlander. Friedlander became very famous as a potter and educator after she arrived in the USA. She emigrated in 1940 to the USA, right before the German occupation of the Netherlands. Together they had operated, a very small pottery “Het kruikje” (the small jug) in the rural town of Putte in the Veluwe Region of the Netherlands.

Wildenhain, a German citizen was denied US entry at the time, he moved to Amsterdam in 1941 and was drafted into the German army, deserting in 1944 when he went into hiding. After the war, Wildenhain was able to come to the USA but the road to success for both would take different turns. Each one of these fabulous potters had their early training in various disciplines at the Bauhaus School in Germany, an education which would filter through into their teaching and was reflected in all of their ceramics. We are here posting the entire content of the article: