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gentlemansviewpointIs there a higher honor than being named an AMERICAN PATRIOT?

Of course, if you happen to live in the “Drive-bySoviet Republic of Amherst, Massachusetts the answer is simple: They will not fly that special 9/11 COMMEMORATIVE FLAG in this town of some 38,000 residents, by order of the democratically elected Board of Selectmen. Amherst is the home of a number of colleges. Patriotism is held in high esteem in Massachusetts even though the glorious luster of that worn out revolution centuries ago is fading more and more every day.

SEPTEMBER 11, should be a bi-partisan remembrance day, in Massachusetts especially in Boston led by current Mayor “Mumbles ” Menino, and his Irish controlled gang of corrupt Democratic State leaders, where an official indictment means nothing and corruption is the greatest of games. But let us put those politics aside.

Would you not think that in a place of higher learning, the town of Amherst, where some future leaders might be trained, the word Patriotism would be spelled with big letters?

Yes, THE FLAG, a symbol of what this free nation once stood for under real leadership, is not owned by any one group, any one religion or creed, or any skin color but is a national symbol of Allegiance to Patriotism. The Symbol of a nation bigger than small-minded bureaucrats who fear offending anyone.

Good Bye Amherst, one can only hope that perhaps some of those striking “American Patriot teachers” from Chicago, earning a median of $76,000, will not decide to stop in your small town and dumb down you folks any further. Or GOD forbid Obama’s one million man Teachers’ Union Army (illustrated below) put you all back in chains.The other solution would be to erect a high-tech Berlin Wall around your fly-by-night Republic, so to prevent further spreading of your nocuous disease. But then again, in a state that will probably elect an Elisabeth Warren as a State Senator, who claims Native American heritage with no back-up records to prove that heritage and consequently did not meet with real Cherokee Indians at the Democrat National Convention, run by the New Goebbels Debbie Wasserman Schultz had you really expected anything else? Of course not! Thank God (Even though the Democrat communists tried to take the word GOD out) there is still a FLAG,  LET US NOT FORGET.

Read the whole story of the flag tribulations endured by one honorable man, LARRY KELLEY here.