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Bizerte, Tunisia sits at the most Northern point of Tunisia on the Mediterranean shore.

Photography is about irrefutable proof or is it? It is about past, present and future. Civilizations come, Emperors go, spires reach up in places where they are not wanted by some. Yesterday, today and tomorrow it is still that way. Migration brings with it different mental attitudes, religious symbols and the will to express it all. Colonialism is more than a thousand-year old phenomenon. What came first? A colonizer or his religion? Was he an intruder or did he bring prosperity? Certainly it brought change.

Migration is about a fair exchange. Does this Church depicted in this old seventy year plus postcard still stand? Or have we reverted back to a thousand years of medieval darkness under Moslem Brotherhood’s tribal leadership masquerading as the self-proclaimed leaders of an Arab Spring, with the aid of their kinsmen in the US State Department under the psychotic leadership of Hillary Clinton who is atoning for the slaughter of thousands of Moslems in the Balkans during the reign of President Bill Clinton, who later on received large sums of money from Saudi sources. Was the Moslem Brotherhood a silent accomplice in that war on the side of the USA against their own Moslem brethren that were offered up? So that later on, they could place Huma Abedin in the State Department and help foster Hilary and Bill’s guilt trip! Does Hillary or does she not have at her disposal a private army of several thousand contractors (the Ex-Prince Army) dedicated to the safety of her personnel?

Was the refusal by President Barack Obama to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a covert sign for the latest reversal of “American Colonialism” in Arab lands, or was it the taking out of the word Jerusalem later on to put back in at the Democratic Convention? Who launched the sign barely 8 weeks before a US election to go ahead in Egypt and Libya and Yemen? The reversal of the Arab Spring could it have been a fresh start, for the traditional under-privileged Arabian Masses, sucked dry by their own tribal leaders or strongmen? Were or were they not promised HOPE and CHANGE on the first foreign trip by President Barack Obama to Cairo? Did that also include the OK to crucify Coptic Christians in Egypt? The whole thing  looks like a “Red Herring”  to me put on for political consumption in the UNITED STATES to put fear in the American public over a future war in the Middle East and to keep the US out, thus putting the blame solely on Israel for launching an inevitable strike on Iran in the near future? Has the US military under leadership of top US General Martin Dempsey not already politically dis-avowed to support a joint strike on Iran? A politically correct statement only? Whose (oil money) hand was kissed by a subservient Obama?

And to think this post was only about my looking at a postcard. This is not a special op plan or conspiracy theory. It is about photography with a political note.