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I never thought I would get a hold of this book! UTOPIAN FANTASY , by a Swiss Professor Richard Gerber, published in 1955 (162pages). The book stared at me in a small bookshop and somehow I got drawn to it and here is why:

The book belonged to Walter K. Robinson according to the bookplate in the front of the book, a name which did not ring a bell, but I was drawn to it even more so because of the statement on the first page before the introduction.

Walter K. Robinson was a well known Professor who taught for many years in New Hampshire and established a Walter K. Robinson Fund for the Tucker Free Library there. The book has an extensive appendix with an annotated list of English Utopian Fantasies 1901-1951. Before I checked on who Robinson was I went through the book eraser in hand as it had some light pencil under linings and the book index was marked with a minus sign and an H before the title. I almost started to erase the marks until I read this phrase: 256 titles listed, I have 77! That obviously was the professor’s “reading list” on the subject of the books in his own library. I wish I could find all  those 77 books and the time to read them, to start a bit of profound reading on the subject matter, because looking around I have a hard time believing that “Utopia” exists.