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The book The Gaucho truly is a seminal photo book publication in my opinion. The above edition published by Crown Publishers in 1968 is the first English translation of a publication by Muchnik Editores from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Argentinian edition, I have never seen. The book, The Gaucho, is an excellent combination of a work done by a world-wide known photographer Rene Burri, and a fine text explaining the Gaucho phenomenon by Jose Luis Lanuza. The Gaucho is the love of all things cowboy! The text starts with an excellent foreword by a great author Jorge Luis Borges posted below:

The quality of the black and white photographs in the book speak to us perhaps even more today then when the book was first published.

After all, we now have seen just about all of the greatest macho cowboy movies with stars like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and many other great actors. The traditional  “loner myth” has been explored from many different angles in other movies like Brokeback mountain.

Rene Burri born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1933 traveled extensively throughout his entire career. He worked for the best photo agency in the world “Magnum” from 1955 and ended his career there as the Chairman of Magnum France.

Burri’s photographs were published in influential cultural magazines from the 50’s through the 90’s. You will find images by him in LIFE, LOOK, STERN, EPOCA, DU and many other magazines, as well as, in the numerous books he collaborated on. He is also a noted filmmaker of documentaries and reporter. He photographed numerous celebrities like Che Guevara and artists like Picasso and Giacometti. The book was reprinted with a different cover in the late nineties. I have not seen the reprint so I cannot vouch that there are not other differences as well. The Burri photos lose nothing over the years instead they seem to grow on you more.