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Clipboard01Some of the questions facing all Twentieth Century Italian Design lovers are: Where are the pictures? How can we find out more about the culture of that period?

That is precisely why we established our archive years ago because we realized the general lack of easy to access information pertaining not only to Italian Design but also to the images of the Modernist Era in general.

Shortly, we will review a new book by Sergio Montefusco : Fontana Arte, Repertorio 1933-1943.

In the mean time if you are traveling to Italy this week make it a point to visit the largest Antiques and Modernist Design Fair in Italy held at the Fair Buildings in the city of Parma. Yes, you will find some superb Fontana Arte pieces there for sale.

The hundreds of dealers/galleries will come from all over Italy to show their very best. From Milan you will find dealers like Fragile and Spazio Novecento, and from Vicenza, Design Abaco and the Ronchi’s and Colantonio Galleries from Brescia to name just some of the fine dealers in Modern Italian Design. If you mention our twicemodern blog, you may get an extra smile!

In the mean time here are some images from a 1940 issue of IL Vetro Magazine from our archive.

It announces the opening of the Fontana Arte Store in Rome and offers a quick glance (in the bottom picture) of some of the display area at their Milan store in the prestigious Via Montenapoleone featuring the finest lighting and furniture.

Unfortunately, Fontana Arte no longer seems able or willing to support the efforts to promote the design culture of the 40’s and 50’s in which they played such an important role. The design products produced today seem to have less “anima” or vision, but are more geared to producing profit for the corporate shareholders and less concerned with preserving their design culture of the past half century. A trend which will lead ultimately to the downturn that so many design oriented companies seem to experience today.