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Just as the nation was about to go to sleep, the spin doctors sent Uncle Joe “Bite me” Biden, one of the two stooges from the White House into a battle for the American Minds with Paul Ryan during the VP Debate on Thursday night October 11, 2012. Coincidentally, one month after September 11th and the Benghazi fiasco, cleverly re-engineered by a White House spoof claiming not to have been informed about the precariously under-staffed security. Nobody knew anything and the usual Democrat lies and spins begin to roam around town and country. So let us raise a few simple questions.

1. Who runs the State Department? Hillary or her “Muslim extremist cronies” in the department?

2. Who failed in the correct assessment of the Arab Spring? Hillary or someone else? Whose interest is Hillary serving, the Saudi paymasters of Billy boy, whose dirty laundry she would not want to wash, or the Russian oligarchy run by slave master Putin, the US Military Industrial Complex, or the Order of the New One World United Nations’ Government in spe? If the answer is any of the above and not the US National interest she sadly flunked the test for the IMF or World Bank.

3. Who is the Commander in Thief? Is it Barry Obama? Then why did he tell Medvedev he will have more leeway after the next election? Who doled out billions of dollars to cronies only to see some of that money come back as a foreign credit card donation scam? Or is Barry part of the Scientology group? The same group Farrakhan supports, so can we speak about a fifth Muslim Column in the USA? A cult group so dangerous that the French and German authorities will do anything to prevent them from grabbing more power. Is that the real reason Barry is hobnobbing with the Hollywood crowd?

4. Which Troika makes the decisions? Hillary and Barry or Barry and Hillary? Is there a power grab going on between the two? Can anyone explain the either treacherous actions of not supplying security and the subsequent dodging and lying as ignorance or incompetence or both? OR is Barry’s buddy Putin running the evening show here and will Larry King be put out to silent future pastures? The SAGA continues, going back to the VP Debate, here we have a spin with the “witchy” looking or is the word haggard looking Martha “Washington” Raddatz sucking up to Uncle Joe after he displays his real character by snobbish or foolish snipes and laughs? Where was Merlin?

Perhaps we should find out Who is John Galt for our answers. Or, maybe we should read up on who Ayn Rand was for some clarification of the world’s circumstances occurring today…


If this is the best the DEMOCRATS have to display in order to run the next four years, then my friends you should see the movie Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged Part II. I saw it tonight.

The metaphor of a future FASCIST government run state where court cronies, union thugs, psychopath leaders are running the country could be here sooner than you think. Once you have seen this movie, you will recognize the various tactics already employed by your elected officials. Buyer beware on election day, November 6th, but buying you must it is your future and it is now!

For a little more on AYN RAND see our previous POST HERE.