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gentlemansviewpointNo folks things and events do not just disappear or go away, unless you are running a White House or Department of State.

While the mainstream media cronies have thrown the lost lives of the Americans who died in Benghazi under the bus again by not exposing the white lies the American public is subjected to trickling down from the top. Yes, in a time of crisis, we have an infantile group running around snowballing the country with BIG BIRD! How low can you sink as a Government employee supporting this CRAP?

In case you belong to the left Media, let us review a bit of current history in case you forgot or are out of the loop after you have been drinking the Joe BIDEN KOOL AID drink. Let us start with a review of foreign policy as practiced by the United States State Department under Hillary Clinton who is now completely obsessed in the preservation of her psyche and with her rank within the group that advocates a One World Government under United Nations’ corrupt rule. Please read up on the United Nations Agenda 21. Remember, she probably has to atone for Bill’s misdeeds, and at the same time prove to the world and her handlers including herself she can do better than Bill. Who is wearing the pants?

In case you forgot, it was on Bill Clinton’s watch that several thousand Muslims were massacred at Sbrenica in Bosnia in a so-called United Nations safe haven. So much for protection of the innocent women and children under the United Nations. Coincidentally, Hillary’s proposed Running mate the first time she ran for the Presidency was a Mr. Wesley Clark who, lo and behold, was the Supreme Commander of NATO in Europe when this happened. At the time, he was a United States General under command of the then “Commander in Chief” Bill Clinton and based in Paris, France.
Perhaps the massacre was a Serbian instigated and committed genocide, but it also happened under the watchful eye of the Muslim world aka the Muslim Brotherhood, now coincidentally led by the US educated Mr. Morsi in Egypt that was watching and biding their time to perhaps put pressure on the wife of the man on whose watch the whole thing happened. How is that for conspiracy theory?

Was it a warning by the NATO led Europeans that armed resistance in a civil war would not be tolerated if the resistance were Muslims and the place of the uprising would be in a unified Europe under the supremacy of the German/Franco Alliance. In Kosovo some years later things went a different way and perhaps that has to do with planned pipelines for Russian Gas or some other geopolitical reasoning. Now fast forward to Syria, an Iran client state, Egypt and Libya.

The most useful comments in the case of Egypt are those by Commentator/Analyst Mark Steyn in his column HAPPY WARRIOR page 68 of the National Review of September 10, 2012 and posted here in its entirety.

Egypt practically borders Benghazi, Libya is also the fourth Largest country in Africa, most of it is desert, but remember what Israel did with the Negev Desert, the place where roses bloom. To accomplish this in the 21st century you will need above anything else one thing WATER!  Have you ever heard of the GMR Project the Great Manmade River Project? A 25 billion dollar project well underway financed by the now deceased Gaddafi without help from the World Bank. Maybe that is the reason he had to go. The project includes more than 2800 kms of pipeline and over a 1000 wells. Oddly enough some of its infrastructure was bombed by NATO as it was claimed (with US air support?). The whole project is dubbed the world’s largest irrigation project and it is just about complete.

THEORY: What if our political objectives were to colonize Libya with the help of the French, Balkanize it like Yugoslavia and Iraq with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood and prevent true democracy from emerging through privatization of its state enterprises, exploiting its diverse people and to establish new Pentagon bases in order to control its oil, gas and other resources like water? Did something go wrong here? Libyian rebels had created their own Central Bank in Benghazi not a simple operation in any circumstance.

Other references can easily be googled as well. I recently read the following lines:

A democracy is a place ruled by the majority, a republic is a place ruled by law.

I am not sure if the following expression is still correct with regards to the US Constitution Article 3, section 3 which claims the definition of treason is: Treason against the United States shall consist in levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

Among those 100 Senators and 435 Representatives in Washington someone should be able to answer this question and if they do not know the answer I presume they can always ask BARRY HUSSEIN O_ _ _ _ our Constitutional “expert”.