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Does anybody remember the Ceausescu-Story and the miners in Romania? December 1989. Surely, there is no one who can remember the coal strikes in the United States in the early part of the Twentieth Century. Yet a lot of things happen in history when you deal with coal miners.

FORWARD TO 2012 go to this link and read what some miners in Ohio had to say about the Obama ads and Mitt Romney.


The book The Shadow Party by David Horowitz and Richard Poe explains how the Democrat Party was taken over by George Soros, Hillary Clinton and various 60’s Radicals. Read on for the tangled web of Citibank and your politicians.

Now back to the news of today, the stock market is up, but Vikram Pandit or should I say THE MOGUL PUNDIT is leaving as CEO of CITIBANK, together with the COO who also was the CEO of the Institutional Client Department. The new CEO will come from the European/MiddleEast/Africa Division. Do you smell a RAT? The event falls on the day of the second Presidential Debate. Funny or Bad timing or are the 1% rats leaving a sinking ship while there is still time?


Yes, CITIBANK is that bank that was BAILED OUT with $45 Billion dollars of taxpayer money, but they are making money again! Interesting food for thought is the following quote.

” following a meeting with high-level Citigroup executives in New York, at which he hammered out details of a long term consulting contract whereby ACORN would advise Citibank on housing loans, Wade Rathke (Acorn) remarked on his blog,” It was hard not to think about the fact I had last been in the building on Park Avenue a dozen years ago with 1200 Acorn members to protest our inability to get Citibank to do right in any way.” ( page 124 of The Shadow Party book)

DID CITIBANK really clean house with their political affiliations?

Of course priceless culture can go to hell and how do you know when it does? When “serious” pundits like the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE COMMITTEE announces that the European Union deserves the peace prize, after they had previously awarded it to Obama, who had not done anything useful yet, except using ordinary speech demagoguery. Now you know the committee has bet on a losing horse twice. Who or What is next? Iran? Sean Penn? Chavez? Actually, I believe it will probably be Iran because the Nobel Peace Prize pundits seem to forget that Mr. Nobel made most of his money by creating materials (Dynamite) used in making war. How abhorring!