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Recently the Vice President of the World News Group (Worldmag.com), Warren Cole Smith published, in my opinion, a despicable article involving Dinesh D’Souza, author of the book What’s So Great About America, on October 16, 2012 on worldmag.com link here.

One has to wonder if there is a subtle shift in this influential Christian Magazine away from a balanced and accurate type of reporting to a serpent like, gossip kind of attacking a professed Christian like Dinesh D’Souza, who so it appears is jealously blamed for the greatest sin of all – rising to the top of his profession at a Christian College. A man of Leadership!

All of this comes at a time of peril under which our Great Nation suffers greatly. The article written with the sly moral slant of a modern day Judas Iskariot does not contribute to the great work D’Souza has gifted to a Nation fallen from Grace that still claims its roots to be based on Judeo Christian values. In my opinion, the self-righteous attitude of Smith has more of a Pontius Pilatus style trial or perhaps he sees in his mirror a new Dr. Goebbels, the Henchman of a now well known odious regime. In looking for the moral high ground Warren Cole Smith apparently places himself nearer to a damning Old Testament God than to Jesus Christ (perhaps it needs to be said again) “Let those without sin throw the first stone”.

Maybe, the intent of the article was not to hurt the reputation of D’Souza but to create a new Luther for the World News Group who would nail the 99 articles to the reader’s moral door. Maybe those 99 articles should be nailed to the church door of the church Warren Cole Smith belongs.

Division of Christians by attacking the personal life of D’Souza serves no apparent purpose.  D’Souza’s recent movie 2016 that explicitly shows us the political nature of a Godless regime deserves more credit than a low blow personal attack by Smith. It makes us really wonder where Smith’s true allegiance lies.

Many false prophets come along our way everyday. I pray and hope you , Mr. Smith are not one of them. The readers of your magazine and their pastors, who as shepherds should safeguard them from Sodom and Gomorrah’s ways ultimately will be the judge of your disservice at this crucial moment in the history of Christian times.

Dinesh D’Souza was interviewed on the blaze.com where he provided a most Christian view and response to Warren Cole Smith’s babble. The link to this response is here.