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Clipboard01Is there anyone out there who recalls learning or reading the story about the Pied Piper in that German town of Hamelin during the dark days of the Middle Ages?

Monday night we had the third and last Presidential Debate. The information about what really happened and at what time it was known was skilfully withheld from the American public by the the great Pied Piper who as usual applied his stall tactics and danced around the issues that should be of concern to all. (above photo from Wikipedia, representing the Pied Piper an image from the Middle Ages)

Not that we do not know about the lies being told by Mr. Obama. We have been able for four years to check the facts. The facts how he and his gang of four have tried to wreck the economy. Ben Bernanke did his damage and will resign according to his statement. Hillary Clinton puts sand in everyone’s eyes with the help of the great sax player Billie boy, the original modern Irish Don of bad world politics.

Mitt Romney made his presidential image and did not fall into the proverbial trap. The trap set by Obama, the praying mantis image of a man, so hungry for power that he would pounce on his opponents. The usual lying weak image presented was so poor that after the debate the foul spout Chris Matthews that ignorant ranting paid off crab ass who has nothing else up there but the race card. Sorry Chris it will not work!

Finally the FAT LADY SANG, the cat is out of the bag. The great Pied Piper no longer leads the gullable Americans who voted the Rat catcher in. They have a clear choice, being led away for four more years and never coming back like the rats who were led away in the Pied Piper story. If they vote for four more years, then the Pied Piper will exact a heavier price than the one already paid by the American Public and he surely will lead your children away. Read the original GRIMM BROTHERS STORY, the morals will amaze you!.

Are these Conspiracy theories I hear you say? Well how about this past week, I bought a novel by Author Irving Wallace (1916-1990). Interestingly or coincidentally he was from Chicago!

Born into a family of Jewish Russian origin, he wrote for a blue collar readership and researched his books very well. During World War II he served in the same unit as the photographer Frank Capra. I had heard of him as an author but never read one of the 30 novels and non fiction books he wrote. This book The R Document dated 1976 caught my eye because of the topic covered in 1976!

Was Wallace a bit clairvoyant? No doubt he was a first class Patriot and was it his ethnic origin that created a sensitivity to certain topics? Here is what is on the inside covers.

Is this the sort of plot we can suspect to take place under the current President or has something similar already taken place with the infiltration of the State Department and the Department of Defense, as well as, some other Agencies with a Fifth Column of Muslim Brotherhood agents? Why else would you call the Fort Hood Massacre workplace violence.

Interesting, today I found the news about the German Federal Audit Authority wanting to verify the gold held for them at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York and ship back to Germany about 50 tons of it. Germany holds the second largest gold reserves after the United States. What is the real reason Ben Bernanke is giving up his post? Is there anything missing? What is the reason for the recent theft of new 100 dollar bills, so new that no one has obviously seen them in public? To be issued in January? All just theories? Maybe.

Actually, I do not think so entirely. Fact, Joe Bite Me Biden calls the Russians under Putin our allies in the Vice President’s Debate. The Pied Piper invests secretly in China! General Motors builds more cars over seas than in the United States. Ford just closed a plant in Belgium! The United States Government gives Hand Held Rockets to rebels in Benghazi. What else did they handover? Gas or oil reserves on our Federal Land. Wait till the Fat Lady SINGS AGAIN! Here is a link to the German Newspaper that reported the Gold Reserve inquiry in German.

This link explains what the German Federal Audit Authority does.