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revel coverAre you kidding me? By chance, I grabbed a book off my bookshelf, How Democracies Perish written in 1983 by well known French author and philosopher Jean-Francois Revel. Then I turned on the radio and heard a ONCE (BLACK) HERO IN THE EYES OF MANY in his days of active service, Ex-General COLLIN POWELL endorsing Barry O again. Ten days before the election?

You wonder if Collin Powell was an affirmative action candidate as a General or did he really have the balls ascribed to him by the media? The suspicion is that he endorses Barry Hussein not because he is in favor of his failed policies for the past FOUR years, but because of the color of his race. Mr. Colin Powell your behavior is disgusting no matter how one looks at it, in my eyes. You had all the time in the world to speak out about the failure of leadership that led to the tragic non-actions in BENGHAZI.

It was a fine moment you chose to shore up the regime. Did you sell out to the Council on Foreign Relations or were you paid to promote your view? Apparently, you must feel you paid your dues in the past and were not rewarded enough. Is this really the leadership you advocated as a General? How else can one interpret your choice of timing to support this failure of DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP. You did not come out openly in the past and criticize the lack of leadership in the WHITE HOUSE, nor the LACK of leadership in the MILITARY or State Department. BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. Is this the work of a SPECIAL OPERATIONS PSYCHOLOGICAL RE-ELECTION TEAM that is run with the help of the Military Industrial Complex? Even a HONKY like me has the right to criticize your choice now!  But let’s go back to Revel and his book. Read it and weep.

To continue my rant, I tuned into Glen Beck and heard the interview with Charles Woods the FATHER of the dead Navy Seal Tyrone Woods and slowly you commence to grasp the total failure of this government and/or the treasonous attitudes of some in the CIA under the Leadership of “King” David Petraeus.

Who in this government is working to undermine DEMOCRACY or do they all believe that DEMOCRACY was an Accident in History? Mr. Petraeus was that what your “Dutch” Father taught you? Or did your arrogance get the best of you?  


By now it is obvious that Barry Boy Obama is playing the hand of the enemy and he sucked a lot of people into his game, voluntarily. Really? Do you really think that this outright LIAR is capable of leading anything? His real job is to promote the AGENDA of our foes by creating DECEIT, INCOMPETENCE, and CHAOS, together with Bernanke and Hillary. And now also Petraeus? (e tu Brutus) When will the real Hussein stand up?

Or is it all a bad joke played out by Bite Me Biden (the one from Hope and CHAINS, remember) secretly running for the highest post in the land. Let’s put this in perspective, both POLITICAL PARTIES have now put into their political campaigns a total of 2 billion dollars in contributions. PATHETIC!

Why not put the Presidential Seat of the Greatest Nation on Earth up for auction on EBAY. The Chinese, Saudi, and Iranian governments and a few SOROS’ would be laughing all the way. They know DEMOCRACIES DO PERISH!                 

Do you need more information in order to puke up IN DISGUST yet?

Do not give into this carefully planned scheme by your elected leaders and their cronies, the media, to not go out and CAST YOUR VOTE on NOVEMBER 6th. Listen to the interview on the phone by the FATHER of the dead NAVY SEAL on the Glen Beck program. Yes you will cry if you believe in HONESTY and HONOR as spoken about by the father of THIS FALLEN HERO.

Here is ANOTHER well worth link to click.