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herbsIf you only listen to the LAME STREAM MEDIA’S sickening Benghazi news and the shameless attitude of those involved from the top OF OUR GOVERNMENT on down – The White House – Department of State – The CIA, and all those faceless bureaucrats selling OUR NATION down the river you need something to SPICE UP your LIFE!

This wonderful  book The Encyclopedia of Herbs Spices & Flavorings by Elizabeth Lambert Ortiz will prepare you with the knowledge to cook a superb concoction to feed to friends and enemies alike, if you choose to do so.

Here is a typical page so you know where to stuff it. Your friends might survive the lighter versions of these delicacies. And your enemies? Who knows? Can you tell I am disgusted with the CHAIN IN COMMAND in our government? You really DO NOT need water boarding to get the truth out! A couple of CHILI PEPPERS shoved in the right place would probably do the trick! BON APPETIT!