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Yes, terrible events are caused by nature, as a whole, and not by “climate warming” alone.

Everyone has an opinion and rightfully so! Do OPINIONS change in the DARK and in the COLD and in the LINE for GASOLINE? Yes, they sure do. They always have.

The great Commander in Chief Obama promised in his Messianic trance that he would hold back the rise of the oceans. So far that mean task is up to the Governors and Legislators of a few states who in turn could take as an example, the Netherlands that is on average 10 feet or more below sea level and has invested for 50 years or more in infrastructure – adequate Levies (Dikes). Dutch engineers were involved in building the new  levies outside New Orleans. AND YES THEY DID HOLD. Now here is the moral of the story:

Turkey, yes Turkey if I am not mistaken, assigns an email account to every newborn that stays with them throughout their life and is used to communicate with the government (I am not sure this actually works). In the New Age of Manipulation of all things dear to men and women, an electronically produced vote from home, office or anywhere on the planet would be a lot easier to do than to go out on November 6, probably on foot or with no assurance of the gasoline available for a safe return home. Of course, we all know that the electronic tally would be manipulated in the end by the Government Hacks and their willful followers to their tastes.

In the January 1970  issue of the Avant Garde Magazine, 42 years ago, a bright young man had a brilliant idea.Too bad that today most people have no telephone landlines anymore. It was truly an Avant Garde awesome idea. Read it here:

It is not necessary in my opinion to reproduce the entire article but the last paragraph is very interesting

SO GET OUT TO THE VOTING POLLS ON NOVEMBER 6TH THE OLD FASHIONED WAY, AND SHOW LITTLE BARRY THE BACK DOOR, NEXT IN LINE WILL BE CONGRESS.  AND PROVIDE  ALL OF THEM WITH A SHOVEL READY JOB to dig along that coastline to make that dike. I am sure our Chinese money lenders would be laughing. P.S.,  A gold-plated shovel could be sent to Bloomie in advance, so he can set an example in Long Island.