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Oi Veh, at the risk of being called a racist or worse yet an anti-semite four days before the most important election in United States history, I wish I could have a word with the Mayor of New York City the most important city in the Western World. The alternative is to write this post. Mayor Bloomberg aka the Faithless Jew praying to his GOLDEN CALF: The New York Marathon using the age old, poor excuse that it brings needed funds to the city.

Mr. Mayor, you an expert at hobnobbing with the Democrat Godless crowd who would like to take Jerusalem out of every equation and who would like to take the word God out of anything. You have shown you fear no Greater Power than your own.

While on Staten Island people dumpster dive for food you are more interested in maintaining cover for your friend the Godless President whose selected preacher of an obscure faith just wished all whites to hell, apparently. That is, if you believe the corrupt media owned by your Jewish friends. Have you forgotten about the ancient covenant between people of the Jewish Faith and their lord J-w-h? Or perhaps you do not believe that the “eye of the world” is upon you?

Of course your liberal friends in the press of Jewish extraction, the liberal do gooders would like to be remembered on earth for their phony support of minorities and way out causes.

Will they be surprised when their corrupt souls will be discarded after the proverbial day of reckoning which I hope is a long way off. Of course, they will cry wolf even then and claim to be misunderstood.

For those other Jews of any faith, living in Israel or Brooklyn (which for sure will not be George Soros) I have another type of question:

If you were standing 70 years or so ago at the train station ready for the cattle car to be loaded  destination TREBLINKA, SOBIBOR or any other New World Order ” Resettlement Camp”


Never mind you hear nothing from the American Rabbis practicing the Orthodox faith, we understand their coming Kingdom is not of this world. Never mind that there are no more Jews alive with a guilt complex for not having done more to save their fellow men in time of need 70 years ago.

Their descendants have morphed into spineless Ignorant “Jews in name only” of the Democratic Faith who cannot believe that at any time their Democratic Comrades of obscure faiths will throw them under the proverbial bus when needed. They too will hopelessly cling to their liberal faith and still vote for the Great Leader, who is silent on Benghazi.  Who will not stand with any JEWS at any price. Who offers empty messianic words claiming to “have your backs”. His court lackey Bloomberg, who fears no heavenly power more than the High Ground Moralists in his own circle.

Not Sieg Heil but Hail Obama is the new slogan among the meek!

Great for New Yorkers uptown, knowing and willfully accepting that there are precious resources diverted from a rescue effort to inflate the grandiose ego of their Mayor. There will be two Giant Generators in Central Park for the marathon runners instead of Helicopters flying and delivering gasoline or water where needed. You up-towners can return now to safely downloading your Apps anytime and join the bread and circus crowd but for how long? The next emergency?

Knowing full well that there are racists among us who claim that the lack of expediency, poor planning and failed execution of any planning will be all the “Jews” fault.  Is that what you want Mr. Mayor?

Or will you be telling the masses when they riot that you as a Mayor had “their backs” ? Thank God or J_W_H that America has people like Glen Beck and others delivering truckload supplies to some Churches in your Faithless Town.

To illustrate, below is a striking picture by a great Jewish photographer Israel Bidermanas also called IZIS, from the January 1970 issue of AVANT GARDE Magazine. It is called the Sentinel precisely what you are not Mr. Mayor!

If I am incorrect in my assessment, then now is the time for men of all Faiths to take to the high ground and speak up and VOTE!