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gentlemansviewpointI must have been away from my writing desk for a while I guess. Probably, I did not understand the “no news is good news” sections in the bland US newspapers where you can report something of National, yes even International importance, on the third or fourth page of the paper that hardly anyone reads. What is going on here? So, I took my conspiracy theories out of the drawer and set myself to work organizing the facts.

In the span of two weeks, the CIA Director, a four star “hero” General, resigns because he has been found out bimbo banging a Counter Intelligence female Lt. Colonel in the Reserves.

The General in Command, in corrupt Afghanistan, John Allen (The man that controls access to Rare Earth resources) is under investigation for probable bimbo fantasy banging in emails! Funny he was also slated to become the top commander of NATO in Europe early next year. This is an old boys network that recycles military men to CEO’s of Business, banks and obscure political networks.

Here is a trailer of the newly released January 2016 film 13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. A TRUE STORY. I have seen this full length film and it is an awakening. A must see!

An Africa Command General resigns apparently because he wanted to intervene in Benghazi, or so the story goes. The replacement officer has to pay back the unauthorized big bucks he spent. In the meantime, the new Vicenza, Italy military base built by Italian socialist/communists is almost finished. This base will bring troops quicker to the next area of intervention in Africa. Does all of this sound like a declining Roman Empire? When it is time to answer questions, old lady Hilary leaves the country on a convenient trip. Is all of this a Stalinist purge?

Some poor souls try to convince us that the Sam 7 missiles we delivered to the Benghazi rebels will never ever end up in Syria and then be used in the coming attack by them on Israel.

Wow! Who is trying to hollow out the military? Leon Panetta? The Council on Foreign Relations? Never mind that Petraeus was a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, just like Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, the token Jew, admitted to the club Mr. Jack Lew. And now this, the Ketchup boy turned Senator from that communist/socialist state of Massachusetts John Kerry slated for Secretary of Defense or Susan Rice the US Ambassador who spouts the Obama lie lines to the United Nations promoted perhaps to Secretary of the Banana State? Is this a BAD DREAM?

This is the Obama Regime, slowly but surely advancing the United Nations Agenda that will kill off individual freedom in the United States, starting with the Second Amendment. Goodbye guns, hello super healthcare control over the citizens. With the lame duck coward Congress and the leading new order fascists in control of the Senate, something else is cooking! Is this Hollywood or Hollyhood? I am sure Comrade Vladimir will be relaxing in his Dacha soon! Our wounded WARRIOR NATION is down on one knee, but is not conquered yet!

On the wire this week was a report that the United States will be the number one Energy producer in the world and the USA will be energy independent by the year 2025. Do you really think that the Saudis, Big Oil, the Chinese do not have their economic eyes on this prize? How do you think they intend to control this money maker? Just like the (German) BASF company, the world’s largest chemical company that controls the German gas coming from Russia? And, who should put the system in place to control the price? Barry O? His left wing Democrat “New World Order” Senate and the conniving complicit Republican Congress of course. While you and I are fighting for the small morsels on the daily plate they plunder the system big time. Amen. I knew I should stay away a bit longer from the writing desk, but I promise you we will be back very very soon to regular real postings about the finer thoughts in life. See you soon.