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img277Together, Christo (1935-) and his wife Jeanne-Claude (1935-2009) were the creators of visionary art projects brought into the real world often through great difficulty with the authorities who had to approve these projects. The enormous scale of projects like Central Park or Pont Neuf and the Reichstag dazzled the less visionaries among us. Take a look at this youtube video of Christo and Jeanne-Claude – overview of their work, a film montage by Antonio Ferrera. Wonderful!

The announcement, at the top of this post, was for a limited number of screen prints to be printed. This was one of the ways they financed their projects, it dates back to 1972. It was a venture by the respected Fischer Art Galleries from London.

In one of the Fisher catalogs, I found a great quote that surely applies here as well. The quote is by the Swiss artist Paul Klee from his German language book  Ueber Die Moderne Kunst (1924) translates into ” About Modern Art”:

” Our pulsating heart, however, urges us to descend, right down to the final source. What then springs forth from this activity, call it what you like – dream, idea, vision- can be taken seriously only when it is fully mixed with the appropriate creativity to take a final shape and form. Then these curiosities become realities, realities of art, that free life from the confines in which it is usually experienced “.  

To me this sounds like it was written for this Bulgarian/French couple who persistently turned these visions into a different way of seeing things. Curiously also, is the fact that this project was never realized and apparently envisioned before the 1973 oil crisis in which Egypt played a role as well.

43 Years later, Oil, Egypt and the rest of the Middle East are news topics again. The Suez Canal plays an important role again. This time I have the distinct feeling that we are lacking some visionaries, President Morsi and his President cum Comrade Obama do not seem to be among them at this time.