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A rather obscure theme in mens fashion is footwear. Yes, people know all about the latest sneaker fashion, I think, but very few know about that great American Industry: Shoe Manufacturing! Of course, this industry is just about gone by the wayside nowadays.

cheaneychurch black frontviewThere is however in the United States and in Great Britain a bastion of diehards that would like to walk on real shoes whether they are manufactured to order, custom made or just from their regular line of shoes.

GIORGIO ARMANI GGIORGIO ARMANI DRESS TOP VIEW2Those among us, the real vintage lovers, see the advantages of owning real leather shoes with real leather soles.

We might remember the great shoemakers’ names like Florsheim, Hanover, Alden, Allen Edmonds, Stetson, E.T. Wright, Bostonian, Walkover, Footjoy, Nettleton and many others. Currently, there are really only two shoe manufacturers in the USA making shoes in the traditional way, somewhat equivalent to the old days when shoes were made to last 30 or 40 years.

These manufacturers are Alden and Allen Edmonds, however some concessions to style and workmanship have been made by both. In Europe, especially Great Britain there are more shoe manufacturing survivors with names like Grenson, John Lobb, Cheaney, Church’s and in Austria the great Ludwig Reiter and in Hungary, Lazlo Vass. I am sure I have not mentioned all of them here.

TWICEMODERNVINTAGESHOEScrenson frontIn my blog which covers all aspects of design, I thought it would be worthwhile to pay a bit more attention in the near future to this topic close to men’s health. Yes, it all starts with the feet! Chiropractors and some doctors know this. In the mean time, I will post some pictures of shoes before we go into more depth on this topic at a later time.

shell cordovan cheaney-churchstetson shoestetson shoe2walkover sideviewbally1shoe1vintage florsheim 6 eyeletimperial broquesWe will cover, if there is enough interest in the future, the different styles, fit, craftsmanship, favorites of mine and so on. In the meantime below is a nice video on YouTube showing the Bespoke shoe making shop of John Lobb in London.