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IBM edwinblackIn a world of continued “Cliffs“, controlled chaos, continuous low intensity wars and perceived or real threats to the “New Social Order” in so called newspeak (Orwellian terminology) by the defenders of this “Order” like Piers Morgan, I had a few thoughts and comments (those still guaranteed under the first amendment for low information readers out there) about transparency, corporatism and the right side of history. These probably will have to be relegated to the archival dustbin soon if you believe the New York Times writer Somini Sengupta’s January 2, 2013, Wednesday article about the “Tech Giants brace for more regulatory scrutiny“.

I can think of one Global player who certainly will not be afraid of “transparency” as they surely could be involved in rigging the game! Recently IBM announced the following:

the World is Our Laboratory No matter where discovery takes place, IBM researchers push the boundaries of science, technology and business to make the world work better. Today, IBM researchers are redefining where discovery happens by stepping outside of the laboratory and challenging the status quo to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. From monitoring energy and water desalinization in the deserts of the Middle East to using nanopolymers to fight bacteria, IBM Research is a global community of forward-thinkers working towards a common goal: progress.”  from http://www.research.ibm.com/

Question: Do they monitor other things in the desert perhaps near Benghazi?
Question: Have the forward thinkers already thought how they can subvert some of these coming regulations to make the world work better?

All of this great thinking comes under the responsibility of the Chief Innovation Officer, IBM Mr. Bernard Meyerson.

Surely not a case of “new world order” transparency you might ask?

Question: When China and Russia close off the internet what will be the official IBM response (Corporate social responsibility)? I think I can guess the response. For those among you who have doubts read the book IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black shown at the top of this post and make up your own mind about the ethics of this international ( International Business Machines IBM) corporation, as they claim the world is their laboratory and with the new full senses computer coming in less than 5 years, we all will be the laboratory rats. It is not about people or ethics but about PROFITS, for a price this company IBM has proven in the past it will collaborate with anyone, at any price (at least 6 million deaths that we know of) for any purpose.



All one has to do next, if you are not tired or bored, obtain a copy and read the booklet shown below. In it you will discover the thoughts of the son of the founder of IBM and see who sponsored the booklet seen on the cover. The book A Business and its Beliefs The ideas that helped build IBM by Thomas J. Watson Jr.

Of course, it is clearly about WAR and PROFIT, after you have read the few pages we have posted here.

I really know one other thing, IBM will never publish again that obscure little book they took off the market many many years ago titled The History of Computing in Europe as found on page 425 of Edwin Black’s book. Could it be the new corporate policy to never show SHAME for what your company did, and by consequence never apologize for what you might do in the future! Personally, I know that I would not want to sit next to Mr. Meyerson in any seat whether it would be a subway or synagogue seat without raising that question. When did the real Orwellian Age start? Has it continued into the 21st Century here?

Over 20 years ago, Walden International pioneered the concept of cross-border venture investments.

Walden International invests currently in over 50 companies worldwide with the majority located in Asia. (Certainly not in modern slave labor companies in China I hope?) I am rather curious about their ethical motivations as applied to business investing, and the number of war related items produced in their investment companies.

Our IBM Chief Innovation Officer Mr. Meyerson sits on their Advisory Board and so does Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang also served as Vice Minister of the Ministry of Electronics Industry. He was in charge of the development of China’s electronics devices and components. He is also responsible for the Electronics Industrial Fund, whose mission is to fund and support new technology, and to inspire innovation. Mr. Zhang received his BS in Electronics Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing. He is now a member of the 15th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

QUESTION: DO YOU THINK THAT THESE BOARD MEMBERS COULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IN A POSSIBLE FUTURE “NUREMBERG TYPE TRIAL“?  Or will it be the usual wir haben nichts gewusst, but this time in Chinese. I really wonder what Mr. Meyerson would say?

Which university student would like to take these questions to the 500 or so board members of the “New World Order”? It would make a great thesis!