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cataloniaWho has not read a book by George Orwell, real name Eric Arthur Blair, (1903-1950), the great British novelist, essayist, author and commentator on life’s tribulations? Does anyone realize that the now so popular word “newspeak “, as well as, the much abused phrase “big brother” come straight from his 1949 book Nineteen Eighty Four (1984)?

The book 1984 made him even more famous than his previous book Animal Farm published in 1945. These two books are exemplary examples of anti-totalitarian literature, a frontal literary assault on the power of the destructive State to reach havoc with the lives of the citizens who oppose the regime. A much earlier book, actually not a great seller in its day, was Homage to Catalonia published in 1938 extolling the lives and the demise of Marxist fighters in their war on the Spanish Fascist Franco Regime of that time. At the top of this post is the cover of the American edition in paperback with an introduction by American professor and important critic Lionel Trilling (1905-1975). The cover says it all! This book paved much of the way for the two more famous titles.

George Orwell

George Orwell

Perhaps it would do some good if lawmakers in Congress re-read some of the literature described here instead of pandering to their own interests and pocketbooks. Of course, if you do not pass a budget for four years what makes you “old fool” think they can actually read anything that they do not print themselves. Perhaps the President a.k.a. our “new National Socialist Leader” who supplies their treasured candy in the form of an non-deserved pay raise and their free kool aid when they so hotly debate, could take a cue as well.

Of course, after the Hawaiian vacation and the golfing trips there will be no time to read any Orwell book soon. My guess is he knows some of it by heart. Interestingly enough, those who have had previous experience with an Orwellian State, the Russians (once enemies, now allies, just remember the presidential in-adverted open mike discussion with Mr. Medvedev) in the form of their Pravda Magazine tell us not to give up our GUNS!