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A hefty 14 inches by 14 inches and 56 pages long,The Lake Project, the first photo book (2004) published by the Nazraeli Press for Photographer David Maisel.

maisel2Read the story behind the story of Owens Lake located between the eastern Sierra Nevadas and Lone Pine, California the doomed lake in “Aperture” Volume 172 or at the website link above.

What words would a poet use to describe what the eye sees and the soul surmises, haunting, terrifying, supernatural all these words would not be enough to describe the photographs of this promising American photographer, no actually I would like to use the word visual artist here. Making the dead soul of a lake come to life in a picture is only half the work, perceiving the tremendous changes wrought by nature on man and by ignorant man on silent nature is the other half. Are these expressions the work of renaissance photography? I believe so!

maisel4Go to the photographer’s website and see the new book and discover the  visual progress made by this visual artist, his sixth book was published this year and you know that the Eye led the Soul.

The writer T.S. Elliot (1888-1965) once wrote; “human kind cannot bear much reality”. In David Maisel’s work, we find reality and more in a world removed and yet so close. Man cannot exist without nature but nature can without men.