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gentlemansviewpointAs life goes on at the start of the new year and looking back at some earlier posts on the visions if we might call them that of the author George Orwell, I was reminded a few days ago that we truly live in the age where one could compare the Animal Farm book (who has never read it should do so now) by Orwell to a current political situation.

img368Interesting to note is the mild comment on the back of the book by an unknown New York Times (NYT) reviewer or staff member. Take into account that the NYT in those days was a very respectable highly influential newspaper unlike the roll of toilet paper rag it is today, in my opinion, where even the editors cannot understand some of the garbage spouted and incomprehensible comparisons made by some of their so called pseudo-journalists. In those days, there were real investigative reporters working at the New York Times and most other newspapers. Now it is all part of the game of introducing newspeak and false comparisons to new age low information readers who think they can understand the lies and lines of world politicians when they are done reading that paper. In any case. do not use the NYT for purposes not specifically stated above. It most definitely will clog the pipes. Now that said, let us have a closer look at current events.

img371By looking at the back cover shown above, do you think by using the words gluttonous, avaricious and pig-headed rulers, that it could be applied to the venal, credit to Michael Savage who used the term VENAL first on the radio, SWINISH BROTHERHOOD called the US Congress? Capable of continuous spending a great NATION into global political irrelevance and a sure multi-cultural death?

By the way my paperback edition of this sublime book is the thirteenth printing in September 1962 if any one cares or wants to know.

img359Now onto more “highbrow” culture, the photo above is of Claudius the Roman Emperor of 2000 years ago right before his kin, the terrible Nero took over. Yes of course, it is a stone statue now relegated to some obscure museum in Italy. As you all know, there is not much more left of that great Roman Empire, than a mere Colosseum in Rome among a few other things like decrepit aquaducts and cobblestone roads (like our own potholed roads), where the first CHRISTIAN SLAVE GLADIATORS (not by choice) were thrown to the Lions! Not exactly the current impoverished hunger games but considered by the elite an interesting divertissement anyway.

Who needs TELEVISION anyway? Unless of course, it is AL Gore’s Current Cable POOP, now in the hands of the Al Jazeera Radical Islamist crowd. Perhaps in the future, we will see somewhere in this part of the world a TV museum with a statue of Al called Hamdi Al Gore next to a statue for the infamous Muslim Major Hassan the great psychiatrist used by the US Army to indoctrinate fresh recruits protecting corporate pipelines and resources far away from the homeland. We will never know how much pseudo-aid the Blum-Feinstein-Pelos-Boehner led GANG can siphon off into their puppet projects. Perhaps this is their idea of distributing the wealth.

Al was unmasked as the lying Prince of Evergreen. He had spin doctored enough gullible American youth into believing his “green” cause. A bigger role for him now would be to lead his radicalized believers onto the path of this Arab spook sheik who overpaid for owning a promised piece of the American Dream, a real TV station. The Muslim Brotherhood can now speak directly into the ears of the infidels.

Perhaps on the bottom of the newly erected statue of Hamdi Al Core it will read: Al the Gore Prince of Everlasting Green, leader of the Reformed American Islamist Youth Movement, under General Director Hussein Obama, militarily enforced by Chuckie Bagel the Jew Hater, Worldwide Franchise Director Ketchup Kerry holding up his hands for the alms from the banks.

In the meantime, Congress approves the sale of more than 200 tanks and planes to the Egyptian Brotherhood led by US educated Pukemup Mighty Mursi for use In their next war with Israel. The innocent American Congress can wash their hands like Pontius Pilatus before the cross and claim wir haben es nicht gewusst. Our own Sturmbannfuhrer Feinstein (Jewish in name only) will attempt to introduce a ban on Big Guns here.

Evangelical Christian Bible belt readers can safely continue to sing their psalms knowing that the next Jerusalem will be unveiled in the USA soon probably somewhere in Florida where the temperature is warm enough most of the year.

Does that swinish DC crowd think Americans will believe the current media? Of course not, that is why they will have to tune into Al Jazeera beamed from our very shores (probably with taxpayers bail out money soon) so the masses can get real news according to Blister head Hillary. NICE TRY!

I think real animal farm pigs would be puking up by now and so would I, Welcome to the Orwellian REALITY Theater.