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gentlemansviewpointMonday, January 21, 2013. A nice cold real winter day in some parts of the country.

Do not bother to follow the silly tweets by Schmucky Schumer nor low life import Piers Morgan. Was it really Shakespeare who said, “Would a rose not smell as sweet if by any other name”? That is of course before Shakespeare knew of that puking British disgrace Piers whom even the Aussies would not have if they shipped him out! Australia was the part of the world where the Brits, in the old days, would ship their most beloved criminals or those whom they thought of as criminals.

The MAIN STREAM MEDIA MUGGERS, those like the infantile Anderson Cooper, belonging to the storm troopers of the current crowned King Louis tend to forget that the only Kings America ever had were BB King, a minority soul bearer of an earlier more innocent age, that I loved, Larry King, aka the” basher“, the forever lasting TV host who will probably be reincarnated as a mouth watering and drooling blah blah blah monster, and the REAL KING, Elvis!

What is IT that the MUGGERS would like you to believe? Let us see if we can make some sort of sense out of their rhetoric.

1. All Americans are legally giving up their guns.

2. No “American troops are invading Mali” soon. opinion: It is an Islamic (interest free) Nation, a friendly third world desert, that exports mostly GOLD. Seems impossible that Islamic Nations could actually legally possess gold unless it is that black drab stuff sanctioned to go in your $4 per gallon “mobility carriage”, the ever gas sucking Truck.

3. Aaron Schwartz killed himself. opinion: A bright young man, weened on computer stuff, actually committed suicide, my supposition, probably after refusing to hack for the government in a secret prison or drone factory if he would be convicted (35 years) on charges leveled by Federal Massachusetts Prosecutor CARMEN ORTIZ. The rumor is she will now be running for the great Bay state, soon to be vacated, Governor’s seat, currently Democrat occupied by an another minority (Interestingly this was reported in the Foreign Press). The ever dominant Irish tribes inhabiting that bastion of the one party (commie) state, are to be expelled from their power seats on Bacon Hill by low information minority union loving voters.

4.  A TEA PARTY lover could be viewed as an automatic gun toting teetotaler anti-government dangerous terrorist who hates minorities to boot. opinion: False, slanderous statement.

5. White on black crimes are in vogue according to the MEDIA MUGGERS, but the only deaths scarcely reported in the media are those deaths of young black men. opinion: In Chicago’s King Louis’s home town, most reported deaths are due to black on black violence. Must be due to all those stupid old white guys, whose guns they steal. Looks like the Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan religious movements can’t keep them down, no matter how hard they apparently “pray”.

6. Chuckie Hagel the bagel, the great friend of Israel. opinion: Soros boot polisher will soon start to wreck his havoc in the Middle East, if confirmed by the Senate and execute the secret Obama-Clinton Plan. Israelis (Those ugly Zionist types) have nothing to worry about. Desert trains are ready to depart and ready to fuel Algerian gas plants. Oops sorry. Remember selling you all out will be Feinstein, Soros, Schumer, Cantor, Bloomie etc. The only legal remaining Jewish Tribe will be headquartered in the United States. As a retribution for the QUILT of not saving more Jews over 70 years ago.

opinion: Thank God for those courageous French Foreign Legionnaires, they saved Algeria from embarrassment. Benghazi soon will have their looted treasures back that were stolen from under the liberators backsides (sorry I meant Axis troops).

Hillary’s daughter Chelsea now has Daddy’s approval in running for the Presidency in 2016 after the war on women is over, with crispy candy man fat Christie running as VP. All our headaches are now gone from the political mine field and fuzzy minded gun toting Americans can safely return to their cabins, now that Uncle Billie Clinton (you know that chieftain of the retired Irish Mob) told everyone not to tease gun owners.

Did you know that 80 years ago in 1933 another man whose name began with the letter H got into a government in Europe? That one also liked to have children in his ads for a better world.

Now how was that comparison! Similar to comparing fighting the NRA to fighting the Nazi’s, something spouted by a senile old white treacherous TV “HAS BEEN” commentator.

The Congressmen can go back to their usual games “big boys” play, you know mine is bigger than yours and better than you routine.

The war for your minds is on and the month is not over yet! Stay tuned as Michael Savage would say.