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Recently, I finished reading an impressive book on printing, The Heritage of the Printer by Dr. James Eckman, and would like to share the story about Frederic W. Goudy with you here. Book and printing lovers will not find Goudy a complete unknown name to them. His story is so quintessentially American, emphasizing those essentially admired things like the drive to build something for yourself, the will to succeed combined with the love of freedom.

img442img437img438img439img440img441Most of the book appeared in “Printing Impressions”, a publication few of us would know today. The book is a wonderful printing job, attesting to the great skill we once had in this country. I am not sure if there ever was a second volume published. Of particular interest is the comment by the writer on the last two pages shown below. Apparently even in 1965 writers were aware of the dangers of not adhering to and not knowing the principles laid down in the United States Constitution. We all know what happened next when history is taken out of the schools and everyday life.