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gentlemansviewpointWatching the Hillary Benghazi performance made me realize I now know one thing for sure: Only hubbie Bill is a better liar! She should have appeared on one of Oprah’s victimization programs. The poor woman how dare these men!

Here are some reasons Hillary’s statement, “What difference does it make” should matter to us living mortals, in my opinion:

– Dead men do not talk back. They cannot expose lies and conniving backstabbing frightened elites so you can shoot them in the back twice by not telling the truth.

– History is full of proof that honor exists only for the those who are living at best, rarely for those who are dead. Eternal rewards in a decadent society are posthumous medals usually not made out of gold.

– The cruel representatives of the American people no longer belong to one or two parties. They now belong to the Coward Party, who do not probe for the truth. With a few exceptions among them like a potential 2016 Presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul.

– So despised are these Representatives by their electorate and so full of self with overblown arrogance for the laws of the land that to be put in chains is something they believe they can do to you, but never to their own elite class. The Romans governed better.

–  If the Kool Aid is dished out by a Clinton family member in an old hack style green dress or with the pants off, then the American people are forever in love, drunken celebrity style, with liars, cheats, leftist extremists, sharia lovers who fear neither God, any God for that matter, nor the Constitution or the loss of their own pitiful souls. A great lesson to be learned again. Did it really make a difference how many died in Benghazi? YES IT DID!

– Accountability and responsibility are terms the American public seemed to have forgotten. When they are used in the media, they become hollowed out words and to act differently automatically qualifies you for a life of hero worship. The public’s drug of choice is watching the Media filth dished out by corrupt TV muggers. No balls but wet diapers is now the terminology in vogue. You wonder if it would be possible to deny a pension to that greedy incompetent Hillary Hack, now so abused by the sharia loving world that she is only good for the United Nations.

When G-d finished the world on the sixth day, he thought that good men and women could be found in the far four corners of the world, exemplary and honest leaders to their ignorant fellow men. He than took a hard look on the seventh day, laughed, laughed and laughed again and to punish all of us then made the world round. (20th century Kabbalist saying)