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img447Some might be more familiar with the current saying “never let a good crisis go to waste“, others, like myself, would probably say, “do not let a good bottle of wine be left unopened“.

While kicking back my heels, I thought about Rome and having this material in my archives. Above is an etching by Pinelli the well known Rome Etcher (1781-1835) explaining to us the process of collecting the grapes for the next step: WINE MAKING.

img445Fast forward to this fabulous picture dating back to the 1930’s showing us some Roman women in local costume at the Sagra del Vino on the grounds of the Villa Borghese in Rome (A Winefest) proudly displaying the grapes. To all of you a true SALUTE!

More on Pinelli and Rome can be found at this very nice Italian site.

In case you do not want to put your thoughts to the warm days of Italy go to this Princeton University site and enjoy some good reads and some Pinelli items there, as well.