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What a picture this is, only a man who can capture tenths of seconds in the expression of the sitter’s soul can produce this, but it takes two to tango! This sitter does not tango but produced music for the soul never the less.

img451the photograph above is of Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) the Russian born composer and the photographer was Arnold Newman. It is the photo on the front cover of the book Bravo Stravinsky with a text by Stravinsky’s friend, the conductor Robert Craft. The foreword is by Francis Steegmuller, a well known biographer and all photographs, of course, are by world famous photographer Arnold Newman. Watch and listen to Igor Stravinsky tell us about his life in this YouTube video spoken in English by him. It runs under an hour.

The book, a first edition, was produced in 1967 by The World Publishing Company on the occasion of Stravinsky’s new work the Requiem Canticles commissioned by Princeton University in 1966. Arnold Newman followed the artist around in his daily routine and during rehearsals. A superb homage to one of Russia’s great Twentieth Century composers was the result, showing us the man, the artist as a pianist, conductor and composer. Newman is able to give us a window to the mind in such great black and white images that you can almost hear the piano on which Stravinsky played. Below is the picture from the back cover of the book. Stravinsky knew the world and the entire art and music world knew him. Picasso drew his picture in 1917. Stravinsky’s career spanned nearly an entire century and spanned the globe, he is without a doubt one of the most contributing composers to the music history of the Twentieth Century.