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img448viewpointIn the days of Mass Hype and Mass Everything, the hardest thing to do is maintain a sense of balance, like having a well balanced opinion, i.e. a point of view or viewpoint if you prefer.

Whether giving a commentary on the news or talking to one’s neighbors the inevitable discussion leads to politics. I assume it must have been always that way, a sort of communal experience, perhaps, like child bearing for women or bungee jumping for the seniors in college. In other words a temporary bond, enough for a social event but not enough to raise our compassion for our fellow men to the Nth degree. I presume it is somewhat like reading, reading for pleasure or with pleasure, for information acquisition or in order to let the mind wander along the treacherous paths that only the mind knows. Or so you think and in an advanced stage the thinking might be done for you by a psychologist or psychiatrist.

How many of these capable practitioners could or would refer you to God?  No, usually you would be referred to the nearest pharmacy on a diet of pills. As my mind likes to wander, I thought of how many of these psychiatric professionals are deployed by the Federal Government and the Army like Major Hassan to name just one who went awry. How many others are working on influencing our minds hired by our elected representatives?

Given the American love affair with all things supposedly evil until proven good, like bake sales so children can raise funds for future causes, back relief cushions, hypochondriac pills, certain types of chemicals modified to combat malicious disease and an enormous amount of faith based churches and wicked Wednesday Witch hunts and our reliance on the social trafficking of the correct political point of view, a dress down Friday and silly concessions up the wazoos. Where does it start and where does it stop? Do we need a green mass consumer driven diet plan for the independent mind? I think this type of outcome is a dystopia, thank God!

Where can you sing a song of lies about Benghazi before a government committee, never tell the truth, question those in authority over you and still leave your followers in awe and get a thankful President telling you how much he will miss you? Will the Benghazi deaths miss you too? I doubt it my friends, their benevolent forgiving will not reach into the heavens of utter arrogance and disrespect, but to the heavens of innocence, dying for some ideal or real politik trampled under foot by a violent mob of America haters.

Where can you stand blinking your eyes, as if you were crying, not in outrage over your misguided conduct in assisting an Arab Spring without uttering one word of condemnation for the Egyptian President’s repression of free speech, but all the while enjoying the tributes of your own vile speech to the demise of a dishonored nation.

A nation which can no longer cry out for what is correct and good it seems. One Nation under God, no matter which one, divided on everything but the latest late night show. Where race issues become abused again and some among us, without any demonstrable amount of intelligent reasoning attempt to crucify those who think differently and consequently believe differently. Where the quick gain comes before honest work, where honor no longer is a household word, where the teaching of historic and cultural values should be a component of respect, and where race should never be the measure of all things.

In a place where the common good is no longer the sum of individual responsibility and the reflection on oneself and that self in relationship to God, society has been reduced to no more than a progressive reform tool in the ideological hands of some unleashed authoritarian feeble minds.

Our Nation is worthy of more than a simple new totalitarian mass movement from Washington, D.C.. This current mass movement experiment can be compared to past “isms” in history, never creating any permanent good for those who were fortunate enough to live through it. LET’S HOPE WE WILL!