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mali map

The same gentlemen who have not passed a budget on which a State is run are quietly sitting in their leather club chairs pondering some ancient wisdom.

The conversation goes something like this:

Question: Gee, I wonder how we can force this down the throats of our dumb constituents back home? We cannot get involved in another war just right now with Hillary gone.

Answer: It really does not matter much, once they figure out we have spent all the monies, then we will tell them about the resources we squandered to some dumbo nation who needed a bit more oil and gas. We will then sell those Chinese Corporations part of our national US habitat for a fat price after we deduct the lawful Agent commission. We will bring some poor Mali farmers here under the new immigration policies put them to work picking fruit in some state where our constituents will not do the pickin’. Our constituents will think we have done a ton of good. Those Mali farmers will be happy as apple pie, we will teach them how to eat that too under a new federal program. We will get us a photo-op with that Fat one from New Jersey and then with the man who can book the Prez.

Question: How do we get all that money back home dude! Answer: Well eh you see, we will have someone buy gift cards and redeem them with a discount for cash or we will get them Kenyans eh sorry Malians to make credit card donations for let us say 25 bucks each from a server in South Africa to an offshore in the Caymans.

Answer: Sounds good pal, we can start a Re-development African Company and get the rest of Congress to approve let us say about 100 million for a train project. We build some resettlement camps, you know the Darfur type, so they can suck on some United Natiions money. We sell that contract to the Chinese subcontractors after the usual Agent commission and at the end of our term we can retire to let us say Nevada and start a new hotel chain. Nice, it sounds good Dude. Who do you think we should let in on this one?

Question: What about the boots we need to put down in Mali? How many do you figure we need?  Answer: Well let me call my buddy at the Africa Command and sound him out.