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img448viewpointSomethings are meant to be read again and again The True Believer published in 1951 and written by Eric Hoffer is such a book. The origin of mass movement adherence is so skillfully explained by this longshoreman turned philosopher that one cannot help to see the parallel to the public’s infatuation with the man who currently holds the highest office in the land, and the skillful myth created around him.

true believer bookThe need to divide people, the need to promise to them promises that cannot be kept at any price, the need for total control are just some of the prerequisites to form any mass movement. For those among you who really like to delve into the far origins of the human fascination with various beliefs and their belief systems and how the psyche of mere mortals deals with society and its pressures I recommend you read the revised and expanded edition of Professor Norman Cohn’s book, The Pursuit of the Millennium “revolutionary millenarians and the mystical anarchists of the Middle Ages”.

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Published by the Oxford University Press in a paperback edition, 1974. Professor Cohn was also the author of the acclaimed book Warrant for Genocide but more importantly Research professor in Collective Psychopathology at the University of Sussex, England. Read the recommendations below on the back page and you will be in for a wild ride to understanding. This book is not for the faint of heart among you and not an easy read either. You will come away, not with a prophecy, but knowing what part of our future might hold in sway for us, sooner than we might expect.

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