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And so a new day born, I pray to the spirits gone before me, the mountains high, the deepest of all oceans, and I see the clouds so far above me.

I say thanks to thee, my ever selfless guide, who knows where to find me, wherever I am, and on whatever journey I have been set free.

To be free and thankful, free to accept the offer from those unknown, gone before me who laid down their very dear lives         to defend what we, in this world, so often lightly assume is an unalienable right.

Deep in my soul I hear the mystery of a soundless song, and I see a new wind moving quietly among tall trees, looking up, my eyes are cast on an endless sky, and I think about the many homeless clouds I may still witness. 

There is a graceful God, whose beloved son I know I am.

A Prayer from Stephan at twicemodern.wordpress.com in memory of Chris Kyle Patriot who will be laid to rest on Monday, February 11, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.