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img448viewpointNo matter how you look at this political issue, in my free speech opinion the real cancer in American politics is spread by some Lobby firms representing the new enemies of America.

In this particular case, Al Jazeera’s new American affiliate the ex-Gore network, the Current TV will be represented by the firm DLA Piper (www.DLAPiper.com) in their lobbying efforts with government entities in the United States.

Here is a case of a large legal lobbying firm that has no ethical bounds in representing the media company Al Jazeera America Holdings. Al Jazeera espouses an Anti-Jewish, Anti-American, Pro-Muslim view of the world and  recently has found a toehold by buying Current TV to spout their filth to the American public.

In my humble opinion, this lobbyist company and their executives who handle the account should be classified as the new Enemies of the American public and part of the new American Fifth Column. A fifth column is a group of people who UNDERMINE a larger group, such as a nation from within. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine.

Congratulations my boys, in the years to come true patriots will surely remember your greed, lack of morals and political opportunism. How low can you sink when money does not stink? Perhaps some future internet petition can be used to prevent the filth from seeping through to Washington DC lawmakers. After all it now only takes 100,000 signatures to have the White House respond.

In my view this is like a Jew representing German war criminals during or after World War II or a P. Morgan trying to tell Americans why they should not own guns. The  P. Morgan petition got an enormous amount of signers and perhaps this legal firm DLA Piper should be made aware publicly that the American public does not appreciate Al Jazeera’s filth. (Yes, Al Jazeera is waging a war in disguise on the non-Muslim world)

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