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img448viewpointYes, here we go again. It’s Friday and in this topsy turvy world of demagogues we have to add another quasi-professor to the list. With Columbia University’s Assistant Professor Marc Lamont Hill’s very misplaced comments on the Chris Dorner case the following must have happened:

1. Columbia University once a great bulwark of learning is waging a low intensity warfare on their own faculty members. Those faculty members who put their students back in proverbial chains in their classrooms, are indoctrinating their young students, whose brains have probably been dominated by social media justice speak, into the profession of future community organizers.

2. Perhaps the “old whitegroup must have finally decided to withdraw their hard earned, “but you did not build that” coins from their planned future endowments earmarked for this college. This could create some psychotic anguish in the social justice faculty members.

3. Mr. Lamont Hill’s low mental libido was  reduced by an overdose of free speech and a case of unanswered longing for reparations induced sensitivity disease. This must lead to having to combat a daily dose of severe fatigue, further induced by Columbia’s cafeteria kool-aid. All of this combined will  ultimately lead to an unchecked case of  neurosis in having to climb the educational system, or face  utter despair because nobody who is anything is reading his tweets anymore.

4. The students, at this educational institution, where the leading Dean or College President has been corrupted into the open mouth position without the ability to speak, probably will demand a 50% reduction in their fees and tuition and could be suing the college for having to sit through this Associate Professor’s class in order to get a passing grade. They know they could inherit a psychotic mediocrity feeling induced with false individualism.

5. There probably will be an opening shortly in Chicago for a regime mouthpiece position. We all know that in the land of the blind, Marc Lamont Hill would profess to be king.

I rest my case. In the old days before the politically correct speech came into disguised fashion, someone could have recommended that the students call the North Koreans to check for an Assistant Professorship for Marc at a re-education camp.

Now have a good day!